Postcards from Bhutan

Last updated: 24 December 2002, 6:30pm (150 postcards altogether)


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Hello from Bhutan, everyone!

I thought I would try making a few electronic “postcards” from my trip here. (Here is some background on my trip!) Except for the couple of images in which I appear (which were taken by Michael Hawley), the rest are images I took over the course of my trip in Bhutan on a Canon D60 camera. For ease of viewing over the web (not to mention ease of transferring over a slow modem from Bhutan!), I have scaled all of these 6-megapixel images down to 640 pixels on their larger side.

I have also hacked together a little slide viewer, based on some Javascript that Mike had lying around. I hope it works for you (let me know). For best results, try putting your browser into “full screen” mode (F11 for people using Internet Explorer). The left and right arrow keys (← and →) should take you back and forth through the images. (Here are some more tips for getting the viewer to work and for making the slides look their best.


David Salesin

(All images on this website are copyright David Salesin, 2002, all rights reserved, except for 021205-1547.jpg, 021205-1632.jpg, and 021222-0954.jpg, which are copyright Michael Hawley, 2002, all rights reserved.)